Paradise Knots &Blocks Chewing Toy, Colorful & Entertaining, Keeps Birdy Happy, Large, 16" x 6" x 6" inches
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Details: Your favorite bird will flap their wings with joy when you hang the Paradise Knots Block Chewing Toyin their birdcage. Multi-colored hanging wood blocks give Mr. or Ms. Bird lots of quality chewing time. The knots provide a good challenge and smart birds can actually untie them. The chew toy also helps Birdy look good for their bird friends by allowing them to preen to their hearts content. Buy a Paradise Knots Block Chewing Toyproduct and make your fine feathered friend happy. Makes a great Christmas, birthday, or holiday gift for a bird-loving friend.


  • Your Bird Will Love this Knots and Blocks Chewing Toyin Vibrant Colors;it fosters interactive play and encourages your bird to Swing, Climb, and StayActive; Knots Can Be Untied by Clever Birds
  • Your bird will have an Exceptional Quality Time Gnawing and Chomping on the Colorful Wood Blocks with Multiple Layers to Climb and Explore; our Unique Designentices your bird to Pick, Pull, and Preen
  • A combination of Festive Wood Blocks and Knots were designed to keep your best Bird Happy and Busy for hours; materials are perfect for Chewing and Preening;encourages parrots to Preen and Condition Beak
  • Make your bird cage into a Bird Playground or Bird Gym;Individual wooden shapes and fabric textures Stimulate Both Beak and Foot Activity; the Multi Colored Wood Blocks and knotted rope provides Birdy with Plenty of Exercise
  • Created from Pet Safe Materials, including 100% Cotton Rope and Natural Sisal Rope; attaches easily to cage with a Quick Link Fastener; makes a Great Gift for the Bird Lover in Your Life

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Package Dimensions: 11.4 x 7.6 x 4.9 inches