OxGord Windshield Sunshade Protects UV Rays - Auto Window Screen Visor Heat Blocker - Universal Fit Sun Shade for Car, Truck, SUV, Van (Round)
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Details: Canvas your entire windshield to lower the internal temperature of your vehicle and protect the interior from sun damage with the Round Windshield Sunshade from OxGord, a premier manufacturer and supplier of automotive supplies and automotive accessories.

No need to fear the sun folks! Our foldable sunshade will put a halt to cracks, burns, and fading to your dash & upholstery. Just use your vehicles sun visors and rearview mirror to conveniently keep it in place; and when you’re ready to drive, the flexible sunshade folds up nice and small for easy storage. You will always have it by your side.

The perfect protector for your automobile, our windshield sunshade stays in place without the use of a suction cup, anchor, or poles. Plus, our reflector is completely static cling free.

Our newly redesigned 2019 version provides 99% UV protection and reduces the heat inside your automobile by 85%.

It's a terrific option to shield your vehicle from the heat. It's essentially sunscreen for the interior of your car. Our round sunshade provides more protection than rectangle or triangle screens, and the materials are more reflective than mesh, cloth, and other fabrics. It’s a much better guard than windows with a black tint and greatly minimizes unwanted glare. Plus, they are great for outdoor use!

Block the sun: Seeing as how it’s one piece, it leaves no uncovered area in the center of the windshield. Unlike other brand shades which leave loose space where they should overlap.

• Durable reflective fabric
• Bendable metal wiring
• Folding light-weight design
• Compact storage/carrying bag

Warranty: 1-year limited manufacturers warranty.

Not sure if it will fit? Please call or email us. We are happy to help!

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  • DIMENSIONS: Open 63"L x 35"H - Folded 11" diameter - Adaptable form-fitting shape allows for easy fitment in your small, medium or large front windshield
  • FULL COVERAGE: Sturdy bendable metal wiring provides a flexible fit - Round sunshade unfolds to fit windshields for most cars, trucks, SUV's, and vans - Use the sun visors and rear view mirror to hold the sunshade in place - Best for parking your car outside - Protects your electronic devices including GPS, LCD screens, DVD players, and cell phones
  • STAY COOL: Using a shiny reflective material, our sunshade blocks/reflects heat and prevents harmful solar rays from discoloring, burning, & cracking your dashboard and upholstery - Newly redesigned 2019 version features an incredibly low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SGHC) and provides 99% UV protection and reduces the heat inside your automobile by 85% - It's the coolest way to beat the heat and lower the internal temperature of your vehicle
  • VIEW THE VIDEO: Watch our video to the left for a quick & in-depth tutorial on how to properly use our folding sunshade - It's easy to install, uninstall, fold, and store away when not in use - Set up windshield in a matter of seconds while comfortably sitting in your driver side or passenger side car seat
  • GUARANTEE: Includes a one (1) year limited warranty

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Package Dimensions: 10.3 x 10.0 x 2.1 inches