Josh's Frogs Hornworms Habitat Cup (25 Count Cup)
Josh's Frogs Hornworms Habitat Cup (25 Count Cup)
Josh's Frogs Hornworms Habitat Cup (25 Count Cup)
Josh's Frogs Hornworms Habitat Cup (25 Count Cup)
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Details: Hornworms are a fantastic feeder for your reptile and amphibian pets. Hornworms are high in calcium (47mg/100g) and low in fat (3%). Hornworms also have a soft exoskeleton, making eating and digestion easy! A wide variety of reptiles and amphibians love hornworms, including bearded dragons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, pacman frogs, monitors, tegus, skinks, pixie frogs, and many tree frogs. This culture has a healthy gutload food for hornworms, as well as 25 (generally 28-30) small, fat, healthy hornworms, ready to be fed to your pets. These hornworms are approximately 1/2" when they are shipped out. They will grow in transit, and will be larger when you receive them (especially in warm weather). You can also allow the worms to continue to grow. With the food present, they will reach 1.5" long. If you're looking for larger hornworms, check out our 12 count Hornworm Pods. They start out small, but have enough food to grow to 4" or so.


  • THE BEST hornworms on the internet! Hornworms are great feeders for chameleons, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, and any other critters that love BIG BUGS!
  • FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING! Hornworms are shipped out Monday - Thursday. Orders placed Thursday after 4pm EST - Sunday will ship out the following Monday. Josh's Frogs can offer a *Live Arrival Guarantee!
  • FREE CARESHEET and FREE 72 hour LIFE INSURANCE POLICY on all insects ordered from Josh's Frogs!
  • 25 count hornworms are shipped in a 32oz container. More room = more hornworms grow to a bigger size! MORE LIVE FEEDER INSECTS from Josh's Frogs! We offer hornworms in 12 and 25 counts, as well as mealworms, waxworms, crickets, fruit flies, springtails, phoenix worms, and superworms. Quality reptile food at low prices!
  • LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED in temperatures from 0 to 85 degrees F with provided shipping options!

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