Thanksgiving: Did you know?

On Thanksgiving, the pioneers of the America ancestors, celebrated the harvest while enjoying a magnificent dinner with gratitude. When the United States proclaimed independence in 1776, the council recommended that all citizens should set up a day of appreciation. At first George Washington proposed November 26th. Many years later, in the mid-1800s, a large part of the efforts of Sarah George Pheail, a well-known editor of the day, came to a great extent and the Thanksgiving Day became a formal holiday. She campaigned for a long time so that Thanksgiving could be designated as a national holiday. In 1864, when the Civil War came to an end, she persuaded President Lincoln, and finally the President proclaimed the last Thursday of November as a formal Thanksgiving. In 1941, the fourth Thursday of November was designated as a federal statutory holiday, allowing most people to enjoy a four-day holiday away from work and school.

Thanksgiving Day differs from year to year. Therefore, the president must declare official holidays each year. The President annually honors the significance of the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth in 1621 and the historic tradition of this day through a discourse. 

Today, civic groups and charitable organizations inherit the spirit of Thanksgiving and serve traditional Thanksgiving meals to disadvantaged neighbors, especially homeless people. The community carries out food gathering events for families in need during Thanksgiving.

In 1988, a different Thanksgiving event was held at the Divine Cathedral in St. John's, New York. More than 4,000 citizens attended the event on Thanksgiving evening. Among them were representatives of Native Americans from all over the country and descendants of immigrants who had moved to the United States.

For supper, turkey, corn, pumpkin, nuts and cranberry sauce are the symbols of the first Thanksgiving. These symbols are commonly found on Thanksgiving decorations and greeting cards, along with pictures of Puritan pioneers and Mayflowers. Orange, red, brown, and yellow, the colors of autumn, along with dried flowers, colorful pumpkins, and 'Indian corn' are often used for table or porch decorations. All of these symbols represent a bountiful harvest and autumn.

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