Summer Is Here! So Are The Real Deals!

Warmer weather brings outdoor adventures, spontaneous road trips, and best of all delicious BBQ.

I am the big entertainer of my family so I am constantly having to stock up on party essentials, table supplies, and nifty gadgets to help prepare my families secret BBQ recipes.

Where do most people go to stock-up? Simple, dollars stores and other convenience stores where they charge you an arm and leg and now your “party” is on a budget. What great party has a budget? None.

So where do you actually save? Online Shopping!

Amazon, Walmart, and even offer great prices, but not the BEST!

Where do I head when the weather starts to warm up?, of course! I get everything from disposable tableware and condiments to sunscreen and bug spray. LotStop is always the first place I go to for stocking up on my backyard entertaining items, plus I get everything at an affordable $1 price. Best of all the expensive brand name products are at a better discount then Walmart or Amazon! Want to know how I do it? Well check out my helpful and handy tips for throwing a successful BBQ or Summer event. They will be useful all summer long an even other seasons too.


Ever find yourself envisioning a nice BBQ on a warm sunny day with friends, then go to sip your drink only to find a fly has decided to make it his own personal pool? EWW! Say goodbye to flies and other insects and dirt in your drinks with LotStop’s amazing deals on cups with lids and straws included. So many colors and options perfect for any taste.


When I BBQ, we have a ton of food. The only issue then becomes space for where to put it all! Therefore, I always shop for extra disposable utensils with napkins, cutlery, drink-ware, and plates. Easy to refill and carry from your kitchen to the backyard, keep stocked and be ready in your pantry!



To finalize LotStop just launched their new Mobile Application which is offering even more sales for new customers. Keep the party going longer! Save money and never worry about the budget because you always get “ A REAL DEAL” at LotStop.


Editor - Bogdan B Tabaka